Yuan Yang Cheesecake

Why choose between coffee or tea when you can have the best of both worlds with this Yuan Yang Cheesecake! Made from smooth and creamy SCS cream cheese, this luscious no-bake cheesecake is easy to make and blissful to eat. Now you can have your favorite kopitiam drink in a cake and eat it!


(Makes 1 x 8″ cake)

240g digestive biscuits, crushed
120g SCS unsalted butter, melted
800g SCS cream cheese
200g sugar
120g whipping cream
120g evaporated milk
1 tbsp instant coffee mixed with 1 tbsp boiling water
2 tsp coffee emulco
1 tbspn black tea leaves mixed with 3 tbsp boiling water
6 gelatin sheets



  1. Combine crushed digestive biscuits and melted butter until well mixed.
  2. Press into the base of a lined 9” springform cake pan. Chill.
  3. Place gelatin sheets in ice-water to soften for 10 minutes.
  4. Warm up whipping cream and evaporated milk slightly. Remove from heat and stir in gelatin sheets to dissolve. Set aside to cool to room temperature.
  5. Beat cream cheese and sugar together in a mixer until smooth.
  6. Slowly beat in gelatin mixture until well combined.
  7. Divide cream cheese mixture into two portions
  8. Dissolve instant coffee in hot water, and add into one portion of cream cheese together with coffee emulco. Stir until evenly mixed.
  9. Steep tea leaves in boiling hot water for 5 minutes, then strain and add tea to the other cream cheese portion. Stir until evenly mixed
  10. Pour half the coffee mixture onto the prepared base, then pour half of the tea mixture in. Pour remaining mixture in alternately until all the mixture is used up
  11. Using a skewer or a knife, create swirl patterns on the surface of the cake
  12. Chill overnight until set, then cut with a warm knife and serve cold.

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