Confetti Meringue Kisses


Ahhh… the wonder of egg whites. Whisk them with sugar, add some colour, pop them in an oven and tadaaa, the wonderful creation we call baked meringues. Whether you’re making them for a baby shower, to adorn a cake, or to jazz up a dessert table, these pretty Confetti Meringue Kisses are going to add a splash of colour and whimsical fun. Customise them by using different food colours and different kinds of sprinkles — the options are limitless so get creative and share with us your creations!


(Makes 60 pieces)

100g egg whites (about 3 large)
130g sugar
100g icing sugar, sifted
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
Food colour gel/paste

White chocolate, melted
Coloured sprinkles



1) Preheat oven to 100 degree Celsius
2) Whip egg whites till foamy, gradually add in sugar and continue whipping till stiff peaks form.
3) Sift icing sugar and fold into egg whites mixture.
4) Add in vanilla and mix till well combined.
5) Divide meringue mixture into 3 bowls
6) Mix a different food colouring into each bowl
7) Transfer mixture into a piping bag with a round tip.
8) Pipe meringue kisses onto lined baking tray.
9) Bake at 100 degree Celsius for 40mins
10) Remove from oven and allow baked meringue kisses to cool
11) Dip the bottom of baked meringues in melted white chocolate and then coloured sprinkles
12) Serve and enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Confetti Meringue Kisses”

  • Hi there!
    They look so cute and colourful….am very keen to try them for my gal’s school function.
    Please, may i know how long they can keep? will they become sticky or gooey from humidity?
    What’s the best way to store them?

    Thank You So Much!

    • Unfortunately our high humidity is not good for meringues. You can try to store them in air tight containers but they should be made as close to your function as possible.

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